Concierge Medicine of Wichita
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Benefits & Features


We are committed to your overall well-being and believe that clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.

The United States Healthcare System has long been the most innovative and accessible in the world. But even so, patients are experiencing longer wait times for appointments and shorter visits with their physician. And it will only get worse. Today the typical family doctor has over 2,500 patients, with an average of 25-30 appointments per day. A work load such as that is only possible by limiting the time spent with individual patients. New healthcare legislation promises to make access to the system increasingly difficult. In the near future, it is estimated the United States will experience a shortage of nearly 125,000 family practice physicians.

This means you can expect you doctor to spend even less time with you or delegate your care to a physician assistant.

or you can contact us, where we'll treat you as a person. Not an appointment!


$187 per month (all X-rays and basic labs)

For $187 a month you can experience the best personalized healthcare.

$125 per month for 2nd family member

We can add a second family member for couples or direct family.

payment terms available

We accept most major credit cards and offer payment programs.



EmployersChoice Physicians Group partners with businesses to provide direct primary care for employees. This wellness benefit can reduce health care expenses for the business, encourage talent retention, and increase work efficiency by giving employees better access to pursue good health. For Employers with more than 10 employees we charge $75.00 per person/per month.


Businesses looking to provide an outstanding health benefit
Small businesses, executives and administrators looking to reduce their health care costs by encouraging preventative health for their employees while improving their overall well-being with superior access to timely and affordable care.
Studies show that self-insured businesses can lower healthcare costs by up to 30 percent by offering Direct Primary Care as an alternative to traditional insurance-based primary care.
Contact us for more information on how your broker can work with our plans. Or, let us know if you need an insurance broker to assist you in setting up a better health care benefit for your employees.


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We Are Healthcare not Sick-care

Reactive means you wait until you are sick, then you go see a doctor. Preventative medicine takes a back seat to writing a prescription that simply masks the problem. Concierge Medicine's philosophy is proactive, to discover elements that could lead to heart, kidney, lung disease, and cancer before they manifest.

We Align Incentives

Concierge Medicine does not make money by billing insurance companies for procedures like traditional insurance doctors and hospitals. Patients become a commodity instead of a valued consumer. We focus on our members and create innovation that improves their quality of life. Superior medical care paired with an exceptional experience crates customer loyalty and makes our membership model successful.

We Lower Cost

Traditional docs spend 60 cents on every dollar generated processing insurance claims. By removing insurance from primary care, directly contracting with our members and medical ancillaries, we can offer affordable healthcare to patients and if scaled across the country – reduce our countries 3.2 trillion dollar healthcare spend by 30%.

We Improve Access

Traditional Primary care is in the dark ages compared to other industries. We leverage technology to allow our members to communicate securely text, video chat, or phone call – eliminating all barriers to care. You don’t even have to be in the same city as your doctor to receive world class primary care.



Concierge Medicine is recognized by the American Medical Association, the American Society of Concierge Physicians, and by the state medical boards in the areas that you find these practices.

Concierge Medicine is not a health insurance entity, therefore much more freedom can be achieved on the physician and patients behalf than a traditional office practice.

You will not pay for services covered by your insurance or Medicare. We will review your insurance plan and benefits during the initial consultation.