Concierge Medicine of Wichita


Business Healthcare 

Self Insured Entities

We provide dollar for dollar savings every time a member can be treated via telemedicine versus going to the ER, urgent care center or their regular doctors office. Because we are local we can order x-rays, labs and provide appropriate referrals unlike the national telemedicine providers.

Self-Insured? Here are your Claims

Average ER visit cost: $1,500/visit

Average Urgent Care visit cost: $250/visit

Average Doctor visit cost: $130/visit

Concierge Medicine of Wichita Benefits: Unlimited visits

Every consult with us saves you hundreds of dollars

High Deductible Plans

Employers can save thousands of dollars by transitioning their employees to these types of plans. Our service helps make that transition more palatable to employees as they are now going to be faced with higher out of pocket cost. United Concierge Medicine can help limit these out of pocket costs.

Employee traditional insurance average cost: $12,000/yr

Employee on high deductible plan: $8,000/yr

Savings per employee: $4,000/yr

Example savings for a 100 employee group: $400,000/yr

Concierge Medicine Benefits

At Concierge Medicine of Wichita it is our primary focus to treat patients and business partners like family. We not only provide diagnosis and treatment of many common disorders, but with strategic partners we can even treat more serious conditions helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. If we believe the condition is beyond our scope we can refer to other specialists. We can also answer simple to complex medical questions and are committed to following up with patients after our initial consultation.

  • 24/7 Concierge Medicine consults
  • Prescriptions when appropriate
  • Order labs and x-rays when appropriate
  • Wellness solutions
  • Bill Saver
  • Health advocate
  • Health coaching and weight loss
  • Prescription drug discounts


“being a member = peace of mind”

Benefits of Designing Your Customizable Health and Wellness Solution

  • Choose the most effective programs while managing costs
  • Attract new talent and retain current employees
  • Respond timely to healthcare changes
  • Greater productivity, less employee absence
  • Improved employee engagement in employee sponsored health benefits
  • Reduce long term health care cost
  • Health & Weight Loss Coaching * Health & Wellness Education * Health & Wellness Clinics