Concierge Medicine of Wichita

New Patients

We Welcome You.

Our premium services and expert physicians tailor your healthcare experience to deliver a comfortable, attentive medical partnership. Each Dedication Health patient has the opportunity to receive on-demand attention from our doctors and staff, inside or outside our offices.

Dr. Gadalla is quite impressive. He is bringing back the type of healthcare where the doctor actually has a relationship with you. His goal is to get you healthy when needed with all aspects of modern medicine, also to help you keep good health and even educate you on what to do to have a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Gadalla takes me back to the days when doctors knew all about you and your whole family, would talk to you on the phone personally and even make a house call.

I highly recommend Dr. Gadalla for your healthcare and especially his Concierge Medicine.
— Kathy Hadley

Questions and Answers

Q.  Is concierge or private physician care expensive?

A.  There are certainly practices that cater to the wealthy, but Concierge Medicine is an affordable option for anyone, as well as the uninsured, who simply want to save money and improve their doctor-patient relationship. Imagine for $187 a month (including all X Rays and all needed basic laboratory testing) you can get the kind of attention and access to your personal physician that offers peace of mind and a healthier future.

Q.  do i need to sign a long term contract?

A.  Our monthly retainer is for a period of twelve months, payable monthly, but you may discontinue service at any time by submitting a 30-day written notice of cancelation.

Q.  Is it difficult to switch from my current primary doctor to dr. gadalla?

A.  No. Patients switch from one provider to the other all the time. We are most familiar with the transfer of your medical history from one doctor to another, and we'll make the process seamless.

Q.  can i still see other specialists?

A.  Of course. Your Concierge Medicine doctor will work with you in the referral process to coordinate your care in the manner thats best for you.

Q.  will a negative health history disqualify me?

A.  Not at all. We are prepared to accept patients over the age of 18. Ask our office about our monthly rates for couples and direct families (young adults over 21).

Q.  whats the next step?

A.  Call or e-mail us today. We'd love to see you for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of Concierge Medicine. You (and your health) deserve more time with your doctor and less time in the waiting room!


Being a member of Concierge Medicine of Wichita provides peace of mind by having instant contact in critical situations and priority care all-the-time by wonderful doctors.
— Donna F.